The Story Of The Most Important Port In United States

Drayage services have a special relationship with ports, as drayage trucks transport shipping containers that dock at ports. At Dray Hub, we have a unique relationship with South Florida Ports PortMiami and Port Everglades.

Port of Miami, Then & Now

Located in the heart of Miami, Florida, PortMiami has been a popular center of commerce and international trade for many years. Interestingly, there have been debates regarding the Port’s origin. 

PortMiami has a fascinating story that has made it a useful point of trade both historically and in the present.

History of PortMiami 

It is believed that Spanish settlers discovered the port, which was occupied by a group of natives at the time. England later annexed the port in 1721. However, Spain regained possession of it in the year 1783. 

The port was later named as a US territory after it was bought for $5 million by the US. Since that time, PortMiami has functioned as an entry point for ships which ferry goods and services hence improving the economy and business potential.

PortMiami Today 

PortMiami is a major tourist destination because of a wide variety of cruise services available. The area supports economic growth by facilitating many types of international trade. Examples of trade at the Port include banking and manufacturing facilities.

Because of the busy nature of the Port, there are many security agents in place to maintain the safety of people and goods. Currently, PortMiami is under construction for expansion purposes, which will allow large cargo vessels to gain access to the port.

The Future of PortMiami 

The plan for expansion is designed to generate employment and further stimulate the local economy. Regardless of the numerous challenges experienced during the expansion, it is expected to continue to be the largest port for both cargo and humans in the US.

As the most important port in the United States, PortMiami serves as a gateway for future economic prosperity.

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PortMiami’s role as a hub of international trade is key to maintaining the supply chain of many South Florida businesses. As a 3PL servicing the South Florida community, we are located near PortMiami. Learn more about how Dray Hub combines experience, technology, and customer service to do our part in moving industries forward.

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