Hard Rock Hollywood Guitar Hotel Project

NR Windows, now NR Group, is a leader in architectural design and installation.  The NR team has worked closely with the design team for the Hard Rock Hollywood’s Guitar Hotel project.  

According to their website:

NR developed a custom “segmented” mullion system to create a faceted profile around the perimeter of the building. This is the first time that a unitized curtain wall system has included horizontally segmented mullions between floors, achieving the smooth curvature of a guitar.


Projects Like the Guitar Hotel Require Logistics & Container Shipping

In June of 2018, the team placed the first glass panel on the project.  Dray Hub played a key role in the manifestation of this project by handling all of NR Window’s container shipments which carried the panels.  Using our in-house technology and transportation assets, our highly experienced team securely, safely and efficiently transported the glass panels.  

Developments such as the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel expand the world’s perception of South Florida, as this structure is one of a kind.

We are honored at the role Dray Hub played in furthering South Florida’s impact on global commerce.

Here is a video of the final panel installation as provided to us by the NR Windows team.

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