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Why do Shipping Containers Colors Come Different ?

Container Colors

Why do shipping containers come in different colors? First and foremost, their colors are used as a method of identification. Each color carries a different meaning. It could be a “one-time” shipping container or it could be used for round trips. Most importantly, for business owners, a shipping container’s color can greatly impact its price. We’re going to briefly summarize a few container colors and their meanings.


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First, white or “almond” colored containers are more expensive and newer models. They’re used with the intention of being shipping in one direction, as well as, for conversion as a general purpose storage container. Brown or “maroon” colored containers are owned by leasing companies. They usually leave their logos on them, albeit smaller and less noticeable. Lastly, Blue/Red/Green/etc. colored containers are colored after the companies that own them. Using this method of identification it’s easy to determine the age of a container based on the company that owns it, as well as, other factors.

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